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Poetic Critique

Encounters with Art and Literature

Edited by: Michel Chaouli, Jan Lietz, Jutta Müller-Tamm,  and Simon Schleusener

Poetic critique – is that not an oxymoron? Do these two forms of behavior – the poetic and the critical – not pull in different, even opposite, directions? For many scholars working in the humanities today, they do, but that has not always been the case. Friedrich Schlegel, for one, believed that critique worthy of its name must itself be poetic – only then would it stand a chance of responding adequately to the work of art.

This volume seeks to breathe new life into the idea of poetic critique, but also asks about its limitations. What forms might critique take when practiced poetically? Can this practice be rigorous enough to maintain a right of citizenship in the academy? And how can the notion of poetic critique intervene in current debates on critique and post-critique?

Most of the contributions to this volume were first presented at the international conference ‘Poetic Critique’ held in the summer of 2019 in Berlin. Together with a few articles that have been written for this publication, they offer a variety of novel perspectives on the promises and pitfalls of critique, investigating whether a concept such as poetic critique (or poetic criticism) lends itself to enriching our intellectual practice.

Author Information

M. Chaouli, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA; J. Lietz, J. Müller-Tamm and S. Schleusener, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.

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Audience: Scholars of the Humanities (Literary Studies, Literary Theory, Philosophy)