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Postfaktisches Erzählen?
Post-Factual Narrative? Post-Truth, Fake News, and Narration

Post-Truth - Fake News - Narration

Edited by: Matei Chihaia, Matías Martínez, Katharina Rennhak, Michael Scheffel, Roy Sommer and Antonius Weixler

It is often claimed in contemporary public debate that we live in a “post-factual age.” This interdisciplinary volume employs the theories and methods of narrative research to investigate the relationship between the “post-factual” and narrative. It seeks to make sense of the core concepts in the debate, such as post-factual, post-truth, reality and truth, events, tales, stories, and narratives.

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Audience: Literaturwissenschaftler/-innen, Medienwissenschaftler/-innen, Kulturwissenschaftler/-innen, Philosophen/Philosophinnen