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Diversified Agriculture of Hawai'i

An Economist's View of its History, Present Status, and Future Prospects

An economist’s view of Hawaii’s agriculture, its history, present status, and future prospects. The author presents a wealth of essential information on Island crops, and discusses significant agricultural trends in down-to-earth language for farmers, specialists, students, and the general public.

Part One surveys the historical background of today’s economy and the development of various agricultural industries now commercially important in the Islands. Hawaii’s unique farm economy presents local problems which mainland methods cannot solve; expanding diversified agriculture is viewed by the author as an important way to strengthen the Island’s economic position.

Part Two is a detailed discussion of each diversified agricultural industry; vegetables, flowers and foliage, fruits and macadamia nuts, coffee, livestock, poultry, beekeeping, and others. The author advocates advanced production methods and greater diversification to increase farm income and, at the same time, develop export crops.

Audience: Professional and scholarly;