Test Cover Image of:  Jüdinnen in der frühen italienischen Frauenbewegung (1861–1945)

Jüdinnen in der frühen italienischen Frauenbewegung (1861–1945)
Jewish Women in the Early Italian Women’s Movement 1861–1945: Biographies, Discourses, and Transnational Networks

Biografien, Diskurse und transnationale Vernetzungen

The study explores the experiences of Italian Jewish women in the context of Italian politics and society since the inception of the liberal unitary state, during the First World War, and under the fascist dictatorship through 1945. Using sources accessible for the first time, the study casts new light on 19th- and 20th-century Italian and Italian-Jewish history and its European and international connections.

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Ruth Nattermann, Munich University LMU, Germany.
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Audience: Academics (Modern History; Jewish Studies; Women's Rights Movements), Institutions