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Design and Analysis

Algorithms play a central role both in the theory and in the practice of computing. The goal of the authors was to write a textbook that would not trivialize the subject but would still be readable by most students on their own. The book contains over 120 exercises. Some of them are drills; others make important points about the material covered in the text or introduce new algorithms not covered there. The book also provides programming projects.

From the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Basic knowledge of Mathematics, Relations, Recurrence relation and Solution techniques, Function and Growth of functions.

Chapter 2: Different Sorting Techniques and their analysis.

Chapter 3: Greedy approach, Dynamic Programming, Brach and Bound techniques, Backtracking and Problems, Amortized analysis, and Order Statics.

Chapter 4: Graph algorithms, BFS, DFS, Spanning Tree, Flow Maximization Algorithms. Shortest Path Algorithms.

Chapter 5: Binary search tree, Red black Tree, Binomial heap, B-Tree and Fibonacci Heap.

Chapter 6: Approximation Algorithms, Sorting Networks, Matrix operations, Fast Fourier Transformation, Number theoretic Algorithm, Computational geometry Randomized Algorithms, String matching, NP-Hard, NP-Completeness, Cooks theorem.

  • Approachable but not-trivial introduction to algorithms
  • With exercises and programming projects

Author Information

Sushil C. Dimri, Preeti Malik, Mangey Ram, Graphic Era University, Dehradun, India.
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Audience: Students (graduate and undergraduate) in Computer Sciences, Engineering and IT-related fields.