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Saussure in Contemporary Semiotics

Edited by: Bent Sørensen and Torkild Thellefsen

Hitherto, there has been no book which attempts to demonstrate the breadth of Ferdinand de Saussure’s work and its importance for studies in semiotics, communication and cognition. Essays on Ferdinand de Saussure celebrates the extraordinary, prolific thinker Ferdinand de Saussure and his relevance for semiotics, communication, and cognitive studies. Importantly, the volume aims not only at providing a major statement about fundamentals of Saussure’s rich theoretical body, but also to present an exciting range of current interpretations and uses as well as reflecting some of its future potentials, for example in relation to linguistics, philosophy and studies of visual arts. The book is relevant for students and scholars who have an interest in Saussure`s intriguing concepts/ideas such as sign, arbitrariness, structure, system, synchrony vs. diachrony and program for semiological research which continue to impact and influence studies within semiotics, communication and cognition.

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Bent Sørensen, Aalborg, Denmark; Torkild Thellefsen, Nørresundby, Denmark.

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Audience: Researchers, Students interested in Semiotics, Communication and Cultural Studies, Cognitive Studies