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The Structure of Compact Groups

A Primer for the Student – A Handbook for the Expert

This book is designed both as a textbook for high-level graduate courses and as a reference for researchers who need to apply the structure and representation theory of compact groups. A gentle introduction to compact groups and their representation theory is followed by self-contained courses on linear and compact Lie groups, and on locally compact abelian groups.

This fourth edition was updated with the latest developments in the field.

  • Thorough introduction to compact groups, which have applications in algebra, topology, functional analysis, and theoretical physics.
  • Thrust of the book points to structure theory of infinite dimensional, not necessarily commutative compact groups.

Author Information

Karl H. Hofmann, TU Darmstadt, Germany, Tulane University, USA; Sidney A. Morris, University of Ballarat, LaTrobe University, Australia
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Edition: 4th revised and expanded edition
Audience: Graduate students with sufficient knowledge in analysis, algebra, and topology; experts in group theory.