Test Cover Image of:  Vom Wert des Weiterbauens

Vom Wert des Weiterbauens

Konstruktive Lösungen und kulturgeschichtliche Zusammenhänge

Edited by: Eva Maria Froschauer, Werner Lorenz, Luise Rellensmann, and Albrecht Wiesener

Transformation instead of demolition and new construction, continuing development instead of rupture: the principle of continuing the building process as an antidote to the modernist new-build paradigm is increasingly moving into focus in architecture and construction technology. It understands a building not so much as a product to be completed, but as a continuing process; it focuses on the continuity of places and buildings and poses new questions as to their completeness and authentic authorship, their durability and sustainability.

The volume focuses on the technical and artistic processes of conversion and adaptation, as well as on the changing values and interpretation patterns of society that are expressed in the new orientation of existing buildings by the continuation of the construction process.

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Audience: Architekturhistoriker, Historiker, Kunstwissenschaftler, Archäologen, Denkmalpfleger