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Ibn Bāğğa, Commentary on Aristotle’s ›On Generation and Corruption‹

Critical Edition and Translation with an Introduction and Glossaries

The commentary on Aristotle's "On Generation and Corruption" (Kitāb al-kawn wa-l-fasād, lat. De generatione et corruptione) by Ibn Bāğğa has attracted scant attention so far. This happened primarily for two reasons. The first one is the complicated nature of the Aristotelian text, which addresses a number of key notions in Aristotle’s physics, but at a high level of abstraction. The second reason is that Ibn Bāğğa's commentaries in general have been eclipsed in subsequent scholarship by the commentaries of Averroes (Arabic: Ibn Rušd). Nevertheless, the importance of Ibn Bāğğa's commentaries in Averroes' thought is undeniable. The latter extensively quotes from Ibn Bāğğa's works, adopts his ideas or rejects them. More importantly, Ibn Bāğğa's commentary is interesting in its own right, inasmuch as it quite often, instead of merely following Aristotle, presents different examples and develops ideas of its own.

The extant parts of Ibn Bāğğa's commentary are preserved in two manuscripts and comprise a consecutive exposition of the contents of the two books of De generatione et corruptione. The present critical edition provides for the first time a study of the structure of the commentary from the available witnesses. It reproduces the original in such a way that the reader will be able not only to assess the judgments made by the editor but also to reconstruct the two source manuscripts from the edited text.

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Corrado la Martire, Thomas-Institut, Köln.
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