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Arts & Dementia

Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Edited by: Ruth Mateus-Berr and L. Vanessa Gruber

Arts and dementia: New perspectives

Dementia is a term that encompasses a wide range of symptoms. In Europe alone about 10 million people live with dementia. Where health policy and medical approaches reach their limits, art and design strategies can open up new perspectives for people living with dementia – in terms of their abilities and circumstances and their social environment.

This interdisciplinary handbook is aimed at people working and researching in the field of dementia. It offers insights into the possibilities and limitations of artistic and art-related interventions in relation to dementia. This publication brings together contributions from the disciplines of design, architecture, and art, music, and museum education, providing a variety of insights into this multifaceted syndrome.

  • Interdisciplinary research on arts and dementia
  • New perspectives from social design, museum education, sound art, and architecture
  • Art and design interventions to improve individual situations and the way society deals with dementia

Author Information

Ruth Mateus-Berr, L. Vanessa Gruber, Center for Didactics of Art and Interdisciplinary Education, University of Applied Arts Vienna

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Audience: Experts and people interested in dementia and arts; people with dementia, caregivers; designers, health care professionals