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World Editors

Dynamics of Global Publishing and the Latin American Case between the Archive and the Digital Age

Edited by: Gustavo Guerrero, Benjamin Loy, and Gesine Müller

The existence of World Literature depends on specific processes, institutions, and actors involved in the global circulation of literary works. The contributions of this volume aim to pay attention to these multiple material dimensions of Latin American 20th and 21st century literatures. From perspectives informed by materialism, sociology, book studies, and digital humanities, the articles of this volume analyze the role of publishing houses, politics of translation, mediators and gatekeepers, allowing insights into the processes that enable books to cross borders and to be transformed into globally circulating commodities. The book focusses both on material (re)sources of literary archives, key actors in literary and cultural markets, prizes and book fairs, as well as on recent dimension of the digital age. Statements of some of the leading representatives of the global publishing world complement these analyses of the operations of selection and aggregation of value to literary texts.

Author Information

Gustavo Guerrero, Cergy Paris Université, France; Benjamin Loy and Gesine Müller, University of Cologne, Germany.


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Audience: Academics (Literary Studies, Latin American Studies, Book and Translation Studies)