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Not at Your Service

Manifestos for Design

Edited by: Hansuli Matter and Björn Franke

Not at Your Service: Manifestos for Design brings together the broad spectrum of beliefs, subjects and practices of designers at Zurich University of the Arts. It offers different approaches and insights on the present-day role and impact of design. It is not conceived as a finished project, but as a fluid document of its time.

Collaborative design, interaction within complex systems, attention economics, the ecological shift, visual literacy, gender-neutral design, "quick and dirty" design ethnography, social responsibility, the value of ugliness, death futures, immersive technologies, identity and crises, design as a transformative discipline – all of these topics are presented for debate with passion, conviction and professional expertise.

  • A compact collection of discursive texts on the many roles and functions of design
  • Contributions to the current debate on the social role of design
  • Statements by experts from one of the leading universities of design

Author Information

Hansuli Matter, Director Dep. Design ZHDK, Zurich.

Björn Franke, Lecturer Interaction Design ZHDK, Zurich.


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Audience: Designers/creators of different disciplines from research and practice, artists, interested laypersons