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alles oder nichts wortet

Festschrift für Ferdinand Schmatz

Edited by: Gerhild Steinbuch, Sandro D. Huber, Sabine Konrath, Greta Pichler, Felicitas Prokopetz, and Tizian Natale Rupp

Ferdinand Schmatz: Work and influence

The writer Ferdinand Schmatz is not only an outstanding poet and essayist; for more than thirty years he has also taught at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where he has headed the Institute of Linguistic Arts since 2012.

In alles oder nichts wortet [all or nothing in words], his colleagues, peers, and students honor the work and influence of Ferdinand Schmatz in a special way; by reading his texts, through literary responses to his writing, in anecdotes, common thought experiments, and warm appreciation.

This volume also includes conversations with the author and excerpts from selected works of other artists, including those of composers Wolfgang Mitterer and Beat Furrer.

  • The work, influence, and impact of the distinguished Austrian author Ferdinand Schmatz
  • Anthology with contributions by well-known German-language authors
  • Richly designed art book with an artwork by Heimo Zobernig

Author Information

G. Steinbuch, S. Huber, S. Konrath, G. Pichler, F. Prokopetz, T. Rupp, Institute of Language Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Audience: Readers interested in contemporary literature / language arts; students, teachers; writers