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Xiaoming Wang and Richard H. Tedford combine their research with Mauricio Antón's impeccable reconstructions to present a remarkable portrait of canids over the past 40 million years. Wang and Tedford cull their history from the most recent scientific research conducted on the vast collections of the American Museum of Natural History and other leading institutions. With their rich fossil record, diverse adaptations to various environments, and different predatory specializations, canids are an ideal model organism for the mapping of predator behavior and morphological specializations. They also offer an excellent contrast to felids, which remain entrenched in extreme predatory specializations. The innovative illustrated approach of this book transforms the science of paleontology into a thrilling visual experience, and it forms the perfect accompaniment to an extremely important branch of animal and fossil study.

Wang, Xiaoming / Tedford, Richard


Their Fossil Relatives and Evolutionary History

Illustr. Antón, Mauricio


20,95 € / $23.99 / £17.99*

eBook (PDF)
Publication Date:
July 2008
Copyright year:
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