Figure 1:

The Johnsen score in rats given cannabis with and without melatonin and/or vitamin C.

Values are expressed as mean±SEM (n=5). ap<0.05, b<0.01, and cp<0.001 vs. control; dp<0.05 and ep<0.001 vs. cannabis 20 days; fp<0.001 vs. cannabis+melatonin 20 days; gp<0.01 and hp<0.001 vs. cannabis+vitamin C 20 days; ip<0.01 and jp<0.001 vs. cannabis+melatonin+vitamin C 30 days; kp<0.001 vs. cannabis 30 days; lp<0.001 vs. cannabis+melatonin 30 days and mp<0.001 vs. cannabis+vitamin C 30 days; np<0.01 and op<0.001 vs. cannabis 40 days; pp<0.001 vs. cannabis+melatonin 40 days.

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