Figure 1

Effect of hespertin for cataractgenesis induced selenite administration. Groups G1 and G2 were injected with vehicle (control) and groups G3 and G4 were injected with sodium selenite subcutaneously into 13-day-old rats (Day 0). Hesperetein was administered to groups G2 and G4 subcutaneously in 13-, 14-, and 15-day-old rats (Day 0, 1, and 2, respectively). All lenses are taken 6 days after selenite or vehicle administration. (A) G1: no selenite and no hesperetin treatment. (B) G2: no selenite and hesperetin treatment. (C) G3: selenite treatment and no hesperetin treatment. (D) G4: selenite and hesperetin treatment. Rats in groups G1 and G2 had transparent lenses. Rats in the G3 group had a mature nuclear cataract, while those in group G4 had milder forms of nuclear cataracts.

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