Figure 2

Representative images of conventional ultrasound (CU), contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), and the histologically stained liver lesions. 1: The ablation lesion presents an inhomogeneous hyperechoic mass according to CU (indicated by the white arrow); 2: the gross image of the radio frequency ablation (RFA) lesions of the swine livers in vitro; 3: coagulative necrotic hepatocytes inside a complete ablation lesion (indicated by the white arrow); 4: edema (indicated by the white arrow) and pyknosis of hepatocytes inside an incomplete ablation lesion; 5: reactive hyperemia zone between the ablation lesion and normal hepatic tissue (indicated by the white arrow); and 6: mass-like echo enhancement of an incomplete ablation lesion in the arterial phase according to CEUS (indicated by the white arrow).

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