Figure 3

Hydrogen sensing with plasmonically functionalized thin films.

(A) Cross-sectional and high-resolution TEM images of a SiO2 matrix containing Au and NiO nanoparticles. (B) Dynamic optical response of a film containing 6% Au exposed to cycles of 1 vol.% H2 in air and 1 vol.% CO in air (A–B adapted from [32]. Copyright 2007 IOP Publishing. Reproduced by permission of IOP Publishing. All rights reserved). (C) SEM images of small-particle and medium-particle Au-YSZ nanocomposite films. (D) Hydrogen sensing calibration curves for nanocomposite samples with different particle sizes and preparation methods (C–D adapted from [33]. Licensed under the creative Commons Attribution License 2.0). (E) Absorbance spectra and Lorentzian fits for a Au-YSZ film under various redox conditions at 500°C. (F) Change in plasmon resonance position as a function of O2 concentration upon exposure to various concentrations of H2 (E–F adapted with permission from [34]. Copyright 2008 American Chemical Society).

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