Figure 6

Sensitive reagent detection using high-resolution LSPR spectroscopy.

(A) Refractive index gas sensing with silver nanoparticles. (B) Resonance position of the Ag nanoparticles over time as the gas switches between He/Ar and He/N2 (A–B adapted with permission from [44]. Copyright 2010 American Chemical Society). (C) Extinction spectra of 140 nm-wide nanoholes with constant surface density (9 μm-2) but different depths. (D) Illustration of the parameters used in the centroid detection algorithm using a typical nanohole LSPR peak before and after a small increment in bulk RI. Shown below is the difference between the two spectra. The parameters used to analyze the peak position, centroid wavelength λcentroid, centroid span S, and baseline intensity εbase, are indicated (C–D reprinted with permission from [45]. Copyright 2006 American Chemical Society).

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