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database: Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations Online
database: Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations Online

Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations Online

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About this database

Jewish - Christian relations can look back on more than half a century of striking achievements. There are now initiatives and centers all over the world addressing fundamental issues. The time has come for a comprehensive Encyclopedia of Jewish - Christian Relations. International experts at the cutting edge of their discipline summarize in two hundred entries more than two thousand years of Jewish - Christian interaction, assess the achievements of dialogue and provide joint perspectives and new avenues for the future.

EJCR covers a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to theological concepts (e.g., Christology, Excommunication) spiritual and religious practices (e.g., Prayer, Blessing), ritual (Circumcision, Baptism, Dietary Laws), geographic topics (Ashkenaz, Middle East), denominational concepts (Karaites, Reform Judaism) and political and historical issues (Zionism, Antisemitism). The arts play a role as well, looking at medieval depictions of the ‘Jews’ sow’ or typologies such as ‘Synagogae/Ecclesia’ depictions or the ‘wise and the foolish virgins’.

The EJCR is thus a project which continues the tradition of interreligious relations within Judaism and Christianity by developing a comprehensive and fundamental scholarly/academic work which documents the current state of research and serves as the standard reference work for further research projects in the area of Jewish-Christian relations. It aims at setting the firm basis for any work in Jewish-Christian relations in the future built on the irrevocable presupposition of mutual respect at eye level. As such the EJCR serves also as a contribution to establish Jewish-Christian relations as an area of research and studies in its own right. A synthesis is provided of the discussions in Jewish-Christian dialogue with challenges clearly marked for each theology because of conclusions drawn in this dialogue.

The database will consist of approximately 200 entries.

Read our featured articles on Election (Joel S. Kaminsky, Joel N. Lohr), Synagogue (Ruth Langer), and Antisemitism (Nicholas de Lange) here:

Your Benefits

  • Foundational work in 200 entries: Two thousand years of Jewish-Christian interaction
  • Updated twice per year
  • Joint perspectives and new avenues for the future
  • Target readership: Scholars, academics, students
  • EJCR will be also available in a print version

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EJCR Chief Editors:

Walter Homolka (University of Potsdam, School of Jewish Theology, and Abraham Geiger Kolleg; inactive as of May 2022), Rainer Kampling (Free University of Berlin), Amy-Jill Levine (Vanderbilt University), Christoph Markschies (Humboldt University), Peter Schäfer (Berlin), and Martin Thurner (LMU University Munich).

EJCR Advisory Board:

Anna Sapir Abulafia (University of Oxford), Michael Berkowitz (University College London), William Campbell (University of Wales Trinity Saint David Lampeter), Philip Cunningham (Saint Josef’s University), Klaus Herrmann (Free University of Berlin), Uri Kaufmann (Synagoge Essen), Edward Kessler (University of Cambridge), Daniel Krochmalnik (University of Potsdam), Ruth Langer (Boston College), Sara Lipton (Stony Brook University), David Nirenberg (University of Chicago), David Novak (University of Toronto), John Pawlikowski (Catholic Theological Union), Ronny Vollandt (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), and Israel Yuval (Hebrew University).

EJCR Executive Editor:

Kathy Ehrensperger

EJCR Editorial Office:

Juni Hoppe
Abraham Geiger Kolleg
c/o Universität Potsdam
Am Neuen Palais 10, Haus 2
14469 Potsdam, Germany

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Last updated on 01.06.2023.

Update Frequency

Twice a year (spring/autumn)

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